A CMO will catapult your business to build profit, brand and customer equity.

I offer an on-demand CMO service for mid-sized businesses.

Celéste Burger

Brand Strategist and Chartered Marketer

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Combining creativity and critical thinking optimises Return on Marketing Investment. If it sounds like you need it, you have come to the right place.

The fourth industrial revolution, fused with turbulent economic and social environments, accelerated marketing and communication digitisation and multichannel integration. It profoundly transformed the marketing landscape. While innovating engagement, it also requires businesses, marketers and agencies to be agile and develop models that guide the “new thinking processes” in marketing.

A 360-degree view is essential to help organisations and teams navigate this fluid terrain. All while tracking business goals, industry trends, customer behaviours, and implementation channels to drive profits and brand meaning.

I am a brand strategist and Chartered Marketer with three decades of industry and creative agency experience. I position brands in the digital age to increase brand and customer equity.

  • Business Growth

Marketing Strategy Development

As CMO, I assist in developing and implementing marketing strategies to help organisations achieve their business objectives. This includes market research, customer segmentation, target market identification, and creating messaging that resonates with the target audience.

  • Investing in Brands

Brand Management

Building a strong brand is a critical asset for any organisation. As a CMO I focus on building brand equity, developing and managing the organisation’s brand identity, including brand policies, positioning the brand in the market, and ensuring brand consistency across all marketing channels.

  • Grow Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Working with your team to acquire new customers and retain existing ones is vital. This involves developing effective lead-generation campaigns, optimising the customer experience, and implementing loyalty programs to keep customers engaged and satisfied.

  • Marketing ROI

Marketing Analytics and Performance Measurement

I assist in measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and using data-driven insights to optimise your marketing efforts. This involves tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), analysing customer behaviour, and making data-driven decisions to improve marketing ROI.

My creativity has been woven into the fabric of more than 300 brands

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